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Telkom Flexi is a CDMA-based mobile brand operated by PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk. (Telkom), the largest communications provider in Indonesia in terms of subscriber base. Across the country, the network offers a broad range of CDMA mobile services such as voice, SMS, and data.

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  • By phone: Dial 147 from your Flexi phone.

PT Telekomunikasi Tbk, under which Flexi operates, is also lauded as the oldest telecommunications provider in the country, boasting a rich history that dates back to mid-1850, when the first electromagnetic telegraph was established by the Dutch Colonial Government. The first communications infrastructures initially connected what was then Buitenzorg (Bogor) and Batavia (Jakarta).

Today, Telkom not only provides CDMA wireless services in Indonesia, but the communications company also delivers fixed wireline, fixed wireless access (FWA), and GSM services, boasting an aggregate of more than 125 million customers as of 2011, a 14% increase from 2010's market figures. Telkom today is a semi-privatized company with a workforce of about 21,000 employees.

Recently, reports confirmed ongoing talks about the merger of Telkom's Flexi and Indosat's StarOne Mitra Telekomunikasi. Such proposed merger of the two divisions is said to create a more powerful and encompassing CDMA coverage in the country. According to Indosat, the spinoff of StarOne is in part a plan to curb the decreasing demand for Indosat's CDMA-based services. In Indonesia, Telkom Flexi operates about 5,650 CDMA transmitters. The mobile brand serves about 16.8 million subscribers to date, spanning its coverage across 370 cities in the country.

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