Movistar – Nicaraguia

Movistar – Nicaraguia

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Movistar, a cellular brand owned by the Spanish communications network Telefonica Moviles, is the second leading wireless service provider in Nicaragua. Since its inception in 2004, Movistar has held about a third of the Nicaraguan mobile market, offering voice, messaging, international roaming, fixed telephony, and wireless internet services to a subscriber base that reached 1 million as of 2009.

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Customer Support
  • By phone: Contact Movistar customer service at +1-866-920-0222.
  • Online: Visit Movistar's website to submit a support ticket

Telefonica Moviles, Movistar's parent company, is the largest mobile network operator in Spain, serving more than 22 million customers in the country alone. It wasn't until 2005 when the company adapted the brand name Movistar after its acquisition of Bellsouth in South America, where the wireless provider operates in other countries besides Nicaragua.

In other countries, the communications company supports GSM and UMTS infrastructures in Europe and the Americas, boasting an aggregate of more than 299 million subscribers. Such expansive coverage places Telefonica Moviles on the third spot among the largest telecom providers in the world.

Movistar continues to adapt to new technologies to keep its services on par with the rest of what its competitors offer. In 2011, the service provider announced its US$100 million investment to expand its cellular and internet coverage in the country. The said project, estimated to be completed by January 2012, will result in an expansive network coverage powered by 3G technology.

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