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Verizon Wireless TOP-UP

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Verizon Wireless TOP-UP Product Details & Instructions

This payment will be instantly credited to your account. No PINs required (simply enter your 10-digit phone number on the next page).

If you wish to purchase a Verizon Wireless refill PIN, please click here.


$1.99 Unlimited Talk Daily Plan: Pay $1.99 per day only on the days you talk. With this plan, you get unlimited minutes and 2¢ per text. Picture mail (MMS) is available at only 25¢ per message, and web/data costs 99¢ per day.

$.99 Daily Talk Plan: Pay 99¢ only the days you talk. Get unlimited calling to any Verizon Wireless phone and pay only 10¢ per minute to call other phones. Text messages cost only 10¢ per text and picture mail (MMS) is available at 25¢ per message. Users can also surf the web for only 99¢ per day.

Pay-per-minute Plan: With this plan users pay a flat rate of 25¢ per minute. Text messages are 20¢ and picture messages (MMS) are 25¢ each.

Limited Time Offer: $100 Off Any Smartphone priced $199.99 and up! Free Overnight Shipping! Verizon Wireless Logo 728x90

Text/Picture Message
Expiration date
Reward Points
Basic Plan
30 days
35 points
Basic Plan
30 days
50 points
Smartphone Plan
30 days
60 points
Smartphone Plan
30 days
70 points

Minutes expire based on the amount of payment you have posted to your account; $15-$29.99 expires in 30 days, $30-$74.99 expires in 60 days, $75-$99.99 expires in 90 days, $100 and above expires in 365 days. If you refill your minutes before they expire and your existing balance will be carried forward.

Verizon Wireless

Powered by America's largest wireless network, now over 80 million strong, Verizon Wireless prepaid offers powerful prepaid service with perks like unlimited Mobile to Mobile calling, unlimited web, and low-priced anytime minutes and text messaging. Plus, you can get high-end smartphones, all with no contracts, credit checks or surprises.

You can make a Verizon auto refill payment for as little as $15 at The payment is instantly credited to your Verizon Wireless prepaid account, NO PIN required! Now that’s what we call real convenience at

As a valued customer you’ll earn rewards points with each purchase you make through which you can redeem for future prepaid minutes or other top quality products available on our website. For more information, contact the customer support team today for assistance!

If your payment is posted to your account before the current balance expires, any existing balance will be carried over to the new expiration date. Any funds remaining at expiration will be removed from the account.

To check your account balance or speak to a customer service representative, call *611 SEND or 1-888-294-6804 at no charge from your wireless phone.