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PlatinumTel Real Paygo

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PlatinumTel Real Paygo Product Details & Instructions

PlatinumTel is one of the oldest and most reliable prepaid cell phone providers in the United States.

Looking for UNLIMITED talk and text? Check out PlatinumTel's Unlimited Talk and Text plan!

Real PayGo Plan:

*You must currently be activated on the Ptel Real Paygo Plan before purchasing this refill. If you are unsure if you are already registered on an Real Paygo plan, feel free to contact Ptel customer service at 1-866-225-5631 to verify.

Talk SMS
5¢ per min
2¢ per text
10¢ per MB
10¢ per MMS
60 days
10 points
90 days
20 points
120 days
30 points
 $40   150 days   
180 days
50 points
More Details
Nationwide coverage on the Ptel cellular network
PIN Activation Instructions
To add airtime dial ADD (233) from your wireless phone (airtime charges apply). From a land line phone you may dial 1-866-2-REFILL (1-866-273-3455) and simply follow the voice prompts.
Customer Service
- Contact PlatinumTel at 1-866-CALL-ME-1 (866-225-5631)

Real Paygo- Multiple denominations are available, each with a set number of service days: $10 good for 60 days, $20 for 90 days, $30 for 120 days, $40 for 150 days, $50 for 180 days, and $100 for a whole year. Data billing might seem delayed since we accrue your data usage until we are able to bill a full penny, which means we do not round up your data usage. Unused balance from $10, $20, $30, $40 and $50 carries over for 365 days from date it was originally loaded onto the account. Unused balance from $100 carries over until depleted. To maintain your Real Paygo service, a new PIN must be loaded on/before service days expire.

Platinumtel offers one of the most competitive pay-as-you-go wireless programs providing great value and features not found in other prepaid wireless programs. Subscribers can purchase an airtime plan at and start talking for as little as $10.

Unlike other prepaid bundle plans, with Platinumtel your minutes never expire as long as you purchase another airtime refill when your access time expires. Now that’s what you call looking out for your customers!

Long Distance: US Domestic long distance is included, so there is no need to worry about where you are calling within the US, especially during nights and weekends.

Balance Check via #ADD: You pay regular airtime to check your minutes directly from your phone.