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SIM Card Details

World Phone GSM (low cost international mobile roaming)

Whether you are an international tourist or business traveler, no one wants to spend exorbitant roaming rates to stay in touch. A world cell phone that operates on the GSM 900, 1800 and 1900 will help insure the lowest rates by providing savings of up to 85% off US based carrier international roaming rates. Be ready to make or receive mobile calls the second you land in your international destination.

Buy an unlocked GSM World Cell Phone from Prepaid Wireless that will work with any international or US carrier SIM card and start saving today + get FREE incoming calls in most countries. Depending on your travel itinerary, you can purchase the Explorer or Passport Roaming SIM card or any of the local country based SIM cards that will enable your unlocked GSM World Phone to work.

If you already have an unlocked GSM phone, you can simply purchase a SIM card for international roaming or local in-country use only. Be sure your GSM phone is compatible in the country(s) you are visiting. All world phones purchased at PrepaidWireless will work on the GSM 900, 1800 and 1900 frequency.

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Siemens a70

Reliable, affordable and easy to use, the Siemens a70 allows travelers hassle-free communication whenever, wherever. The tri-band world phone's feature set includes SMS and EMS messaging, a fast and easy user interface, built-in games and polyphonic ringtones, so all your communication and entertainment needs are covered. Hook up a headset for handsfree communication with talk times of up to five hours. Or get peace of mind knowing that your phone has a standby time of up to 250 hours. So go ahead, go places - the Siemens a70 with Telestial service has you covered pretty much worldwide.
  • GSM 900 _ 1800_ 19000
  • Easy To use menus
  • Oversized buttons
  • Text Messaging (SMS) capable

Motorola c3

The Motorola c380, or c3 for short, lets you personalize, communicate and be entertained just about anywhere, thanks to its color display, tri-band GSM capability, polyphonic and MP3 ringtones and more. IM, MMS and SMS are all available, and a speakerphone is built in. Screensavers, wallpapers and photo caller ID let you personalize your phone to the max, and Class 10 GPRS lets you use the phone for internet browsing if your plan supports it. You can even run Java apps on the phone! All this and more with great battery life in a package that is thin and light makes for a great phone - the Motorola c380, of course.
  • GSM 900 _ 1800 _ 1900
  • Good speaker phone
  • MP3 and polyphonic ringtones
  • Picture Caller ID
  • GPRS ready

Motorola v180

Need a world phone? Look no further - the Motorola v180 covers all your bases in style. Sporting quad-band GSM capability this phone offers service wherever a GSM cell signal is available. Preloaded with $10 of Passport service, the color-screen, polyphonic-ringer Motorola v180 flip phone gets you talking wherever you are. With low calling rates wherever you are, text messaging capability and a universal plug adapter, you've got a reliable, affordable cell phone at any destination you might choose. No need for contracts or monthly fees either; everything's prepaid with the Motorola v180 from Telestial. No needing to carry around a bulky, old phone either; the small, stylish v180 works great and looks great. So why wait? Free your cellular experience today with inexpensive international cellular service from PrepaidWireless!
  • GSM 850 _ 900 _ 1800 _ 1900
  • Polyphonic Ringtones and GPRS ready
  • 1.5 MB Internal Memory
  • Caller ID display
  • MPEG4 Player

Motorola e770

Got video? The Motorola e770 does, thanks to 3G UMTS technology. It can serve as a very capable normal phone too, with tri-band GSM operation. You can also browse the web at lightning-fast speeds when in 3G coverage and on a 3G service plan. Bluetooth comes standard, as does an MP3\AAC music player and a high-resolution camera with video capability. Despite all these features, the Motorola e770 boasts great battery life, with talk times of up to 5 hours and standby times of up to 310 hours, and is no bigger than your standard "bar phone". So go ahead, travel - and don't let your phone stop you, whatever you want to do.
  • GSM 900 _ 1800 _ 1900
  • UMTS (3G) technology
  • Works in Japan
  • GPRS (class 10)
  • MP3 Player
  • Combo Still and Video Camera

Nokia 6085

Form meets function worldwide with the Nokia 6085 world phone. Classic form and high-tech function, that is. From dual displays and a camera to FM radio and stereo Bluetooth, the Nokia 6085 covers communication bases. Not convinced? How about adding in GPRS\EDGE internet, MicroSD expandability, MMS and e-mail capability? Seems like a stylish, strong-featured internationally-friendly phone to us -
  • GSM 850 _ 1800 _ 1900
  • Camera phone
  • Edge Technology GPRS
  • Integrated FM radio/music player
  • Bluetooth ready

Motorola v3xx

Live large, live fast, live internationally. The Motorola v3xx embodies these three "live's" in a phone that will work practically anywhere, and look good doing it. Blending cutting-edge design with a boat-load of high tech features, the v3xx, with its laser-etched keypad, high-resolution camera and dual displays is dressed to impress. EDGE and HSDPA give you high speed data wherever you might be, and a slim, stylish profile makes this phone a fixture of your life whenever, wherever without being out of style. So go ahead, join the international wireless revolution with a phone that takes form and function to a whole new level.
  • GSM 900 _ 1800 _ 1900
  • EDGE and HSPDA Technology
  • Combo Video/Still Camera
  • Dual Color Displays
  • Works in Japan
  • Bluetooth ready

Roaming SIM Cards

Roaming SIM cards are recommended for those international travelers that are roaming from one country to another. The Passport and Explorer roaming SIM cards provide the subscriber with one single SIM card that works in over 110 countries with many of those countries providing FREE incoming calls. You don't get that with T Mobile or AT&T! The Explorer SIM card can also receive FREE text messages. Click here to send a text message to an Explorer subscriber.

A local SIM card is recommended for those travelers that have extended stays in one country. You get a local based mobile number and the rates are generally the lowest cost available. We offer a select number of local country SIM cards. If we do not have a local SIM card for the country of your choice, we recommend that you purchase the Explorer Roaming SIM card.


One SIM. Over 130 countries. Meet Telestial Explorer. So inexpensive and easy to use, it may well beat out local providers in offering an international calling solution for travelers on the basis of price. Get free incoming text messages wherever you are, free incoming calls in select areas, voicemail, inexpensive outgoing calls and more in one SIM card that works where you are without huge fees. Pair it with a world phone and get hassle-free international communication at low prices. That's all there is to it.


Designed for travelers, the Passport SIM card gives international visitors low airtime rates, 24/7 customer support, and generally easy-to-use features wherever you are, spanning over 110 countries. You even get free text message reception everywhere service is available, and free incoming calls in over 50 countries. Rates go as low as 49 cents per minute for outgoing calls, with a low 25 cent connection fee, Pair the Passport SIM with a world phone and you're set for instant communication whenever, wherever, at low rates with no hassles.

In-Country SIM Cards


Need prepaid service in Australia? JUST Prepaid Mobile's Australian prepaid service has you covered. For just 39 cents a minute you can call back to the U.S. Incoming calls are free. Text messaging, MMS and voicemail are all available, and you're using a network that covers over 94.5% of everyone in Australia. Start talking right away with a little more than $15 in call credit, and don't worry about hassles, contracs or extra fees; our Australian service is prepaid.

Just Prepaid Mobile - SIM Card $49

  • SIM Card includes $20 AUD ($15 US) airtime credit
  • Free Incoming Calls and US Calls only $.39 per minute
  • Local Australian mobile number with Voicemail
  • Text and MMS messaging

Please note: You must have an unlocked GSM 900/1800 cell phone. Need a world travel cell phone? click here


See Explorer SIM


Need cellular service while in France? Take your pick of Mobiho or Orange services. Each one gives you a local French phone number, text messaging, free incoming calls and more, all on a prepaid service that puts you in charge, with no hassles, contracts or surprises. Choose Mobiho for more starting credit (10 Euros) or Orange for wireless web capability, or choose one over the other for coverage reasons. The choice is yours for cell service in France.

Mobiho - SIM Card $59

  • SIM Card includes 10 EUR ( $14 US) airtime credit
  • Local France Mobile Number
  • FREE incoming calls
  • Voicemail and Text Messaging
  • Low cost international rates

Orange - SIM Card $59

  • SIM Card includes $10 US airtime credit
  • FREE Incoming Calls
  • Voice mail
  • Text Messaging and WAP (wireless Internet)


Travel Germany with reliable service wherever you are, with your choice of German international prepaid SIM cards. Pick one and get free incoming calls low ooutgoing rates, text messaging, voicemail, a local german phone number and more, with no contracts, credit checks or surprises to deal with. Choose E-Plus for 10-second billing after your first minute of calling, or Vodafone for a little more in the way of starting credit (ten Euros versus ten dollars). Your pick.

Germany - e Plus - $49

  • SIM Card includes $15 US airtime credit
  • Local German mobile number
  • FREE incoming calls
  • Voicemail

Germany - Vodafone

  • SIM Card includes 10EUR airtime credit
  • Local German mobile number
  • FREE Incoming Calls
  • Voicemail


Go Greek with Vodafone's Greek prepaid cellular service. With no contracts, credit checks or surprises you're ready to go with no problem, and with a local Greek phone number, free incoming calls, voicemail and text messaging you're covered feature-wise. You can even roam outside of Greece on the same SIM, thanks to Vodafone's multinational network. As an added bonus, after your first 30 seconds of calling calls are billed per-second for true pay-as-you-go service. So why wait - get the Greece SIM powered by Vodafone and you're set for communication anywhere in the country.

Greece SIM Card Overview

  • SIM Card includes 5 EUR (US $7) airtime credit
  • Local Greece mobile number
  • Free Incoming Calls
  • Voicemail and Text Messaging
  • International Roaming Capability (higher rates)

Please note: You must have an unlocked GSM handset that works on the 900/1800 GSM frequency. Need a world cell phone? Click Here

Hong Kong

Need a cell phone in Hong Kong? The SmarTone SIM card is for you. Armed with 13-cent-a-minute incoming calls, outgoing calls to Europe and the US starting at just 45 cents per minute and six-second billing after the first calling minute, you're set for low-cost, low-hassle wireless wherever you are in Hong Kong. Plus the service is prepaid, for even more ease of use.


  • SIM Card include $13 US airtime credit
  • Incoming Calls $.13 per minute
  • Calls to US and Europe start as low as $.45 per minute
  • Hong Kong mobile number included in SIM card package

Please note: You must have an unlocked GSM handset that works on the 900/1800 GSM frequency. Need a world cell phone? Click Here


Powered by Airtel, the India SIM card offers great features and great coverage at great rates, no matter where you happen to be in the country. You get a local Indian phone number, voicemail, text messaging and incoming calls that are les expensive than most American prepaid companies, all at a low starting price considering what you'd pay in roaming fees for another carrier's international service. All on contract-free, surprise-free prepaid service.
  • Airtel - India SIM Card
  • SIM card includes $5 airtime credit
  • Local India mobile number
  • Incoming calls are $.09 per minute
  • SMS messaging and Voicemail

Please note: You must have an unlocked GSM handset that works on the 900/1800 GSM frequency. Need a world cell phone? Click Here


TIM prepaid service allows you to communicate in Italy at low prices wherever you are in the country. Incoming calls are free, outgoing calls start at just 15 cents per minute, and text messaging, voicemail, call waiting and more are all available. The best part of it is that there's no contract, no credit check and no hassle involved so you can focus on whatever you're doing, not how you're calling.

TIM - Italy SIM Card - $39

  • SIM Card includes 5 EUR ($7) airtime credit
  • FRRE incoming calls 24/7
  • Local Italy mobile number
  • Text Messaging
  • Voicemail, call forward and call waiting

Please note: You must have an unlocked GSM handset that works on the 900/1800 GSM frequency. Need a world cell phone? Click Here


With Telcel,'s prepaid service, calling in Mexico is a trivial affair: just grab your cell phone, dial and talk. In select locations, you get free incoming calls; everywhere else rates are cheap, while features (such as text messaging and voicemail) are plentiful. You even get a local Mexico phone number. All this at a low starting price considering what other carriers would charge you for roaming, and without the headaches of contracts, credit checks, deposits or surprises, because Telcel's Mexico SIM is prepaid.

Telcel - Mexico SIM Card

  • SIM Card includes 150 pesos ($15 US) airtime credit
  • FREE incoming calls in Baja California, Rio Colorado and Sonora only
  • Local Mexico mobile number
  • Text Messaging and Voicemail

Please note: You must have an unlocked GSM handset that works on the 1900 GSM frequency. Need a world cell phone? Click Here


With free incoming calls, inexpensive outgoing calls, text messaging, web access and more the Buddy Phillipines SIM card provides worry-free cellular service at a low price across the country. Plus it's prepaid, so there are no contracts, credit checks, deposits or nasty surprises to worry about - with Buddy's Phillipines SIM you're in control of your international wireless experience.

Buddy - Philippines SIM Card

  • SIM Card includes $11 US airtime credit
  • Local Philippine mobile number
  • FREE Incoming Calls
  • Voicemail with International SMS

Please note: You must have an unlocked GSM handset that works on the 900/1800 GSM frequency. Need a world cell phone? Click Here


Vodafone's Spain SIM gives you grab " go cellular service across the country with lots of features at a low price. Free incoming calls, international calling starting at about 25 cents per minute, voicemail, text messaging, web and per-second billing give you contract-level service. But there's no contract; Vodafone's Spain SIM is prepaid, for the best international wireless experience in Spain available.

Vodafone - Spain Local SIM Card - $69

  • SIM Card includes 29 EUR ($40 US) airtime credit
  • Local Spain mobile number
  • FREE Incoming Calls
  • International rates starting at 18 EUR cents per minute
  • Voice mail and Text Messaging ready