qbCube (CADCOMMS) – Cambodia

qbCube (CADCOMMS) – Cambodia

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Established in 2008, qb (pronounced as cube) is a mobile brand owned by Cambodia Advance Communications (CADCOMM), a telecommunications provider primarily based in the Kingdom of Cambodia. The cellular telephony project was incorporated in 2004 and was granted the license in 2006 before establishing its first operations two years later.

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Being the fifth cellular provider to enter the Cambodian mobile market, qb initially faced stiff competition in the Kingdom with its rival telecom operators Mobitel, Starcell, Camshin, and Malaysia Telecom. However, qb bypassed its competition by being the first wireless provider to deploy 3G infrastructures across Cambodia.

Such strategy has indeed appealed to the younger generation because the technology enables qb mobile users to download data, browse the internet, and even watch mobile TV at speeds faster than that of 2G networks. With data transfer speeds of up to 1.6Mbps, the 3G network has overshadowed other cellular infrastructures in terms of reliability and quality of service.

Since its initial launching in 2008, qb has been widely heralded as one of the most popular telecommunications providers with its state-of-the-art network technology. Also, more subscribers, particularly the youth, prefer qb's prepaid services, which do not require service plan sign-ups and mandatory monthly fees.

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