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Tigo – Honduras

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A mobile brand owned by Millicom International Cellular SA (MIC), Tigo was launched in Honduras in 2004 after the complete rebranding of Telefonica Celular, SA (Celtel), a communications company whose history of providing wireless services in the country dates back to late 1990's.

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Customer Support
  • By phone: Contact Tigo Honduras customer service at + 22565 8446 or dial *611 from your Tigo phone.
  • Online: Visit Tigo's Honduras website to chat with a representative.

In September 1996, Celtel launched its first operations in Honduras with AMPS analog cellular coverage. In 2001, the wireless provider added CDMA infrastructures to its existing network, ushering in the beginning of the digital age of telecommunications in Haiti.

In 2004, Celtel further improved its existing technology by incorporating GSM infrastructures into its range of services. Thus Celtel became one of the few wireless providers to offer customers the flexibility of three wireless options of CDMA, GSM, and analog services. But years later, Celtel's AMPS and CDMA operations finally ended; and with the network's complete shift to GSM coverage came the rebranding of Celtel to Tigo.

Since the rebranding, the mobile network's customer base has grown to about 4.7 million subscribers, with cellular coverage reaching to about 93% of the total population in Honduras, where Tigo competes with Claro, Digicel, and Hondutel.

Tigo's parent company, Millicom International Cellular, is a Luxembourg-based telecommunications provider operating in 16 countries across Central America, South America, Africa, South-West Asia, and South Asia, serving more than 392 million subscribers with the network's total market combined.

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