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Viva is a cellular brand name launched in 1999 by NuevaTel, a telecommunications provider managed by Trilogy International, which owns majority of the mobile network's shares. When Nuevatel first established its operations, it was the first mobile service provider to deploy GSM infrastructures across Bolivia, operating under the GSM 1900MHz band.

In 2002, NuevaTel continued to expand its mobile and telephony services by launching its first long-distance service and by signing MVNO leasing contracts to fixed-line cooperatives Cotas and Cotel. And in 2011, NuevaTel finalized its plans to install 3G infrastructures in Sucre, Tarija, Oruro, Pando, Potosi, and Beni in addition to the mobile network's existing 3G coverage in Cochabamba, La Paz, and Santa Cruz. Such improvements in the telecom provider's mobile coverage offer the subscribers faster internet access and data transfers.

Today, NuevaTel's operations under the Viva brand cover approximately 30% of the entire subscriber base in Bolivia. And with the network's planned expansion of its WiMax coverage this year, Viva's share in the telecommunications market is expected to grow substantially. With such rapid expansion, Viva now boasts over 1 million subscribers across Bolivia, making the service provider the second largest in the country.

Viva offers both postpaid and prepaid plans to is growing consumer market, to which the prepaid option appeals significantly because subscribers are entitled to full control of their mobile usage without signing-up for contract-based plans, thus doing away with monthly bills and other unnecessary fees altogether. And just like other mobile networks in Bolivia, Viva offers per-second charging schemes on mobile calls.

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  • By phone: Contact Viva Bolivia customer service at + 800 14 1414.

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